Are You Phenomenal?

Raynaud’s Phenomenon is a condition that affects the fingertips. It can cause them to turn white or blue when exposed to cold, or during stress then red when the hands are warmed. The hands may become swollen and painful and in extreme cases sores can develop. The exact cause of Raynaud’s is unknown. Some speculate that it due to a blood disorder while others believe it is caused by an increase in platelets or red blood cells. What is known is special receptors in the blood that control narrowing of the blood vessels become more sensitive which is the reasons for the symptoms.

Some people are at a higher risk of developing Raynaud’s they include people who:

Since Raynaud’s Phenomenon identifies the symptoms you experience verses a disease process, the treatment goal is to reduce the number and severity of attacks, prevent tissue damage and treat the underline condition. Lifestyle changes that can help you reach these goals include:

If you experience a Raynaud’s attack you want to warm your finger and toes by running warm water over them, moving them around or massaging them. Currently there is not a cure for Raynaud’s so keep your fingers and toes warm and remember you are Phenomenal!


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Are You Phenomenal? Written by: Nancy Johnson, LPN Training and Special Projects Nurse

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