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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance access to community physical and mental health care through education, public health outreach, advocacy and empowerment as well as to improve health care outcomes for individuals with an Intellectual Disability (ID) and/or Autism.

Our Guiding Principle

It is more important than ever, in the current health care environment, that we focus on integrated health care so that people with ID and/or Autism achieve wellness.

Our Work

PCHC was created in 1989 to support Philadelphians with an Intellectual Disability (ID) and/or Autism and expanded in 1999 to support individuals throughout the entire Southeastern Region of Pennsylvania including: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties. PCHC is the Southeastern Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Unit (HCQU). The Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs considers PCHC the model for its HCQU initiative, and currently eight HCQUs function across the Commonwealth. While PCHC staff provide no direct health care services, they work on a wide range of activities to promote accessible and responsive community health care.

PMHCC supports the PCHC program with human resources, fiscal services, facilities and information services.


Our staff efforts include:

  • Education and training on many health care topics
  • Support for teams addressing complex medical issues
  • Development of useful health care materials
  • Clinical reviews to clarify behavioral health issues
  • Nursing reviews to assist with complicated medical issues
  • Reviews of incident data to identify health care risks and design migration strategies
  • Public health projects to raise awareness about health care and disability issues.

The wide variety of initiatives allow PCHC staff to work with:

  • Individuals with ID and/or Autism
  • Families
  • Provider Agencies
  • Supports Coordination Units
  • County and state government representatives
  • Advocacy and public health organizations
  • Community health care providers
  • Managed care organizations

PCHC services Individuals with an Intellectual Disability (ID) and/or Autism, their Families, Provider Agencies and the ID Communities of Southeastern PA. Services and supports available through PCHC Include:

We Empower Communities

We participate in community events and health fairs to raise awareness about health issues and people with disabilities. If you are interested in having us come out for an event please contact our Outreach Department.

Individuals & Families

We Empower Individuals

We help individuals in the Intellectual Disabiliity (ID) and/or Autism community to access community health resources and take a more active role in their health care with:

We Empower Families

We can help families and caregivers to navigate the health care system with:

Provider Agencies

Our Services

We Empower Agencies

Our Behavioral Health Team, Registered Nurses and Community Outreach Specialists work with provider agencies and supports coordination units to increase access to and navigate the ID community and/or autism community health system. This includes:


Nursing Department

Nicholas DeMarco, Psy.D
Director of IDD Mental Health Supports

P. Kimberly Thomas, MS
Integrated Healthcare Systems

Christine Sides, M.A., L.P.C.
Behavioral Health Specialist  

Behavioral Health Department

Karen Boyce, RN, CDDN, SANE
Interim Acting Director of Nursing
County ASSG - All counties

Community Based Nurses

Kimberlee Steinhauer, RN
County ASSG - Bucks

Donna Filippi, RN, CDDN
County ASSG - Montgomery

County ASSG - Chester

Pat Abbott, BSN, RN
County ASSG - Delaware

Lisa Risco, RN, BSN, MBA

County ASSG - Philadelphia


County ASSG- Philadelphia

Nancy Johnson, LPN
Training and Special Projects Nurse

Melissa DiSipio, MSA, FAAIDD

Latonya Thomas, BS, QMC
Administrative Manager

Shree Scott-Thurston

Behavioral Health Administrative Resource Assistant

Nicole Bullock
Administrative Assistant

David Fazzino
Advanced Application Programmer/Analyst

Maria Angelastro
Part Time Administrative Assistant


Outreach Department

Quality Management Department

Special Projects

Shani Jackson, BS
Outreach Projects Coordinator
County ASSG - all counties

Julio Nieves
Individual, Family and Community Outreach Specialist
County ASSG - all counties

Education Department

Jason Carroll
Quality Administrator

Jennifer Harniman-Crangle, LSW
Family Facilitator

Angela Bonnie DiRidolfo, BS
Education Manager

PCHC staff includes nurses experienced in serving individuals with an Intellectual Disability (ID) and/or Autism. We also employ a behavioral health specialist and psychologist, and have access to experienced physicians who are available on a consultative basis. PCHC can assist in locating a clinician who may best meet the needs of the individual with ID and/or Autism.

Many PCHC staff members are trained in working with individuals with an Intellectual Disability (ID) and/or Autism and have various certifications in this field including:

  • Developmental Disabilities Nursing Association (DDNA)
  • Certified Developmental Disabilities Nurse (CDDN)
  • NADD (an association for persons with developmental disabilities and mental health needs) Certified Clinicians (NADD-CC)
  • American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) Fellowship

Some PCHC professional staff also have advanced degrees in the following areas:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Education
  • Public Health

Many of our staff have previous work experience in hospital/hospice settings, as supports coordinators or in residential community settings.

Administrative Support

PCHC Initiatives

Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care (PCHC) is involved in many health care projects on an ongoing basis. These projects grow and change to meet the changing health needs of people with an Intellectual Disability (ID) and/or Autism, their families and others in the service system in the Southeastern Region of Pennsylvania.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our heath care projects.

PCHC Health Care Projects

Nursing Assignment List

The nurses at Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care (PCHC) assist people diagnosed with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) and/or Autism and their supports in identifying and understanding health care concerns in order to maintain health and live safely in the community.  They do this via the team process by providing the following activities:

Download the nursing assignment list

Work with individuals and their teams:

The PCHC nurses are not able to provide:

Provide nursing reviews and education resources to:


I do feel that I accomplished my goals while here at PCHC…  I felt prepared to perform and excel at a multitude of tasks I received because of the detailed instructions and examples to follow.  My Healthy Relationships training was the most memorable experience because it was my first time teaching a population with ID. During my time at PCHC I was able to learn new things and encounter many new experiences… All  of these skills will be helpful in my future public health work because they can occur at any time or place… Interning at PCHC has been an amazing experience I will always remember.
- Brieana, Temple University '12

Interning at PCHC confirmed for me that serving individuals with ID in the future can be a stimulating and rewarding career.  I feel better prepared and am excited to begin my career serving people with ID. PCHC has endless connections with other agencies that serve individuals with ID.  I was constantly exposed to other agencies, whether it was through an actual visit, conversations, or through the PCHC website. I cannot overstate the value of this exposure in helping me feel secure in my ability to successfully choose the best next step in pursuing my interests after my undergraduate education.
- Catherine, Bryn Mawr College '14

I was given plenty of work and was given space to work on it independently, while still receiving direction and help whenever needed… It was rewarding to apply those skills I have been building in my academic career to a professional setting… I had a fantastic experience interning at PCHC and I am very grateful for being given this opportunity. I am truly thankful for all that I learned from my time with PCHC and I will sincerely miss all the people I had the privilege of working with.
- Daniel, Temple University '14

Career Opportunities

Careers and Internships

For more information about our student internship program and to learn more about PCHC, see our PCHC Internship Brochure.

Interested in Applying?

If you are interested in applying for our student internship, please fill out the form below to attach your resume and a cover letter stating your interest to our Education Manager.

Are you seeking employment opportunities with Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care (PCHC)?  

Please check the PMHCC website for job postings and descriptions. Positions are posted as they become available.


Why Intern at PCHC?

PCHC is dedicated to giving students the opportunity to experience firsthand what it is like to work in the Intellectual Disabiltity (ID) and/or Autism field. We are eager to work with students who are interested in gaining experience in a field unknown to most. PCHC interns will have the opportunity to: