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PCHC Advocacy

Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care (PCHC) advocates for individuals with an Intellectual Disability (ID) and/or Autism in a variety of ways to help increase access to quality health care services and supports in the community.

PCHC collaborates on local county, state, regional and national projects that enhance health care services and resources for people with ID and/or Autism and those who may have co-occurring mental health challenges. In the past, PCHC has partnered with the regional American Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society and with a local Diabetes Education Center and Hospice Care Organizations.

PCHC will share vital health care information relevant to the ID Community in the Communication Alerts section in the areas of: Behavioral Health, Physical Health and Individuals and Family Health.

Health Bytes

Health Bytes

PCHC’s Health Bytes are short tips about health and wellness. They are be sent on the first day of each month by e-mail. We hope that you can use this information to encourage or maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself or someone you support!

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Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Alerts

This section contains alerts, publications, information and resources from the PA Department of Human Services - Office of Developmental Programs (ODP).