Medical Alert Bracelets….necessary or just “nice to have”?

Medical alert bracelets (or necklaces) are used to provide accurate and relevant health information to first responders in the case of an emergency. Ninety five percent of emergency personal check for medical identification on a patient’s wrist or neck prior to providing treatment. When first responders have immediate access to a person’s medical conditions, medications, implanted devices and/or allergies, it allows them to provide immediate and accurate treatment while helping to prevent misdiagnosis and possible drug interactions. This important piece of jewelry can act as your health advocate if you become incapacitated and unable to speak for yourself.

As shown above, medical alert jewelry is offered in different styles, colors and materials. Additionally, some bracelets include a fall alert function which will notify a 24-hour monitoring system and up to three emergency contacts if a person fell. Another added feature is GPS capability which would help locate a person if they have become lost. It is difficult to live with any medical condition, so a simple action of wearing a medical alert bracelet will provide you with both a sense of protection and a peace of mind. So, is it a necessity or just “nice to have”? If you do not wear one already, please invest in a medical alert bracelet especially if you have a condition such as Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes, seizure disorder, food allergy, or bee sting allergy. If you would like more information on the conditions listed above, please see the health promotion activities plans on PCHC’s website at            


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