August 30th is National Grief Awareness Day

Although many people experience some type of grief associated with a loss, they often feel alone. They feel ashamed to express their sorrow (too macho to cry), do not want to burden others, or believe no one will understand.

The truth is, although everyone’s experience with grief and loss is different, it is something that many experience.

Here are some tips to help you get through it. Reach out to people. Let others know what YOU need. Do you need someone to just listen? Or sit quietly with you? Maybe take out to a park. Whatever it is, you need to let them know. Know that there is not right or wrong way to grieve a loss .Don’t let someone tell you, you shouldn’t feel that way. There is also no timeframe for grief. Some people can get over the loss quickly, others will need more time. It’s ok!

Things that can help:

Additional resources on grief & loss: