• What We Do

    PCHC strives to enhance access to community health care through education, support, advocacy and empowerment as well as to improve health care outcomes for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) . Read More
  • Education

    PCHC offers free in-person trainings at direct support provider agencies, counties and regional sites. We train on a variety of health topics in physical, behavioral and public health. We also offer online trainings! Read More
  • Support

    PCHC offers health care technical services such as Nursing Reviews to assist direct support staff/families with complicated physical health issues and Clinical Reviews to clarify behavioral health issues. Read More
  • Advocacy

    PCHC connects Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) and their support staff/families to various health care resources. We participate in community outreach projects to raise awareness about health care and disability issues. Read More
  • Lives Touched

    In an effort to gauge how many people have benefited from our products and services, we have created an estimation of the lives we have touched. PCHC is very proud of the scope and reach of our work!. Read More
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Includes a variety of Behavioral Health and Physical Health topics. Some topics are specifically designed for Individuals & Families.




Health Promotion Activity Plans

The Health Promotion Activity Plan (HPAP) is an easy way to plan supports for someone with a particular health care diagnosis. Each plan can be personalized to an individual’s needs.