• Planning for Safety in Times of Change

    Planning for Safety in Times of Change

    How do we keep our loved ones safe during emergencies or times of unfamiliar change? Using the “emergency situation” one-page profile, the PA Family Network will create a sample vision for safety and risk mitigation... read more
  • Mental Health Resources in PA

    Mental Health Resources in PA

    According to the National Council for Behavioral Health, 1 in 5 adults in America experience a mental illness. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities have similar experiences. If left unmanaged.. Read More
  • The 2020 Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference

    The 2020 Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference

    ODP's Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference (PATC) will take the virtual stage on September 29th, through October 1, 2020. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this free-to-attend conference will be conducted through an interactive three-day schedule that will include presentations... read more
  • Electronic Team Agreement Form

    Electronic Team Agreement Form

    Starting July 7, 2020, you can submit a Team Agreement Form (TAF) electronically! After Sept 30, 2020, you will only be able to submit a TAF through the PCHC website... read more Read More
  • AID in PA

    AID in PA

    AID in PA is a resource for Pennsylvanians in the autism and intellectual disability communities. A joint effort between ASERT and the statewide HCQUs, this site is designed to connect individuals...read more.
  • Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST)

    Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST)

    PCHC has created a section on our website that contain documents and resources to assist with the HRST project under our initiative section...read more
  • Supporting Behavioral Health Needs…

    Supporting Behavioral Health Needs…

    Many people experience mental health challenges and/or substance use issues. This includes people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Click here for PCHC’s new Team Review Form (TRF) that can be completed and saved on the computer.
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Includes a variety of Behavioral Health and Physical Health topics. Some topics are specifically designed for Individuals & Families.



Health Promotion Activity Plans

The Health Promotion Activity Plan (HPAP) is an easy way to plan supports for someone with a particular health care diagnosis. Each plan can be personalized to an individual’s needs.

ddx curr

DDX Curriculum

This curriculum is designed for Direct Supporters who work in either the intellectual disability field or the mental health field.

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