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As Pennsylvania transitions different colors and phases of opening across the state at different times, ODP has created the Individual Transition Guide to help start conversations with teams as they begin to transition from “red” to “yellow” to “green” areas across different areas in PA. Not everyone is transitioning at the same time around the state. The Supports Coordinator should be the lead of this tool. It is a way for the team to discuss what the individual needs now in this changing world or the “new normal”. It will require more than one conversation or virtual meeting. It may need some follow-up or additional calls or meetings. It is a way to make changes to preferred activities or add new ones due to COVID-related restrictions or limitations. A Spanish translation of the Transition Guide is also available.

The six key areas outlined in the Transition Guide are:

Please refer to ODP Announcement 20-056 on www.myodp.org for more information about the use of the Transition Guide. For more information and resources visit https://aidinpa.org/

Your Roadmap Back Into the Community

Two additional Family Transition & Resource Guides have been created by AID in PA to help ease community re-entry in compliance with state regulations while prioritizing an individual’s desires. Your Roadmap Back into the Community can assist family members and caretakers in assessing critical community re-entry criteria for individuals. It acts as a guide and as a similar transition guide that supports coordinators and counties use to assess community transition readiness. The Resource Guide to Community Readiness is designed to provide resources and to help plan a path for families and caregivers to consider the many different ways in which lives have been impacted as a result of COVID-19.

Self-Advocate Transition Guide COVID-19 Individual Transition Guide Resource Guide to Community Readiness for Parents and Caregivers COVID-19 Guía para la transición individual