World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis DayLet’s celebrate World Hepatitis Day (WHD2018) on July 28th, 2018!!! This year the theme “Eliminating Hepatitis” continues to be the goal of the World Health Organization (WHO).  By the year 2030, the WHO would like to reach the over 300 million people worldwide with hepatitis B or hepatitis C that are unaware they are living with the diagnosis. Hepatitis, a condition that affects the liver can cause the liver to become inflamed and lead to scarring, cancer or cirrhosis of the liver over time. Hepatitis can be caused by a virus, infection, substances such as alcohol or drugs, or by an autoimmune disease.

Treatment for the condition can vary based on the type of hepatitis one has, but for hepatitis C there is a cure that can be provided at the direction of a medical provider.  Other forms of hepatitis can be treated, but treatment methods can vary depending upon the type of hepatitis one may have.  Through the “Find the Missing Millions” campaign, the goal is to raise awareness and increase screenings so the 9 in 10 people with the diagnosis that are unaware can receive treatment. It is important to get tested and have bloodwork done regularly to make sure the liver is healthy. To see if you are at risk, the CDC has an online assessment that can provide you with a personalized report to share with your medical provider which can be accessed here: .

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