True Tales of Recovery

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Stories about people who have ID and MH Challenges

The Behavioral Health Intellectual Disabilities Community Treatment Team (BHID/CTT) was created by DBHIDS and CBH to address the needs of people from Philadelphia who have an intellectual disability and/or autism (ID/A) and mental health challenges.

Sometimes people with these complicated challenges have problems that seem beyond their capacity to understand and cope. Just as for people without an intellectual disability and/or Autism (ID/A), living with a mental health challenge takes strength, courage and resilience.  And, maybe some help from the service delivery system! These are the people who require much from those who support them and much from themselves as they search for recovery.


True Tales of Recovery

True Tales of Recovery will begin to share some of the stories of the people who are creating mentally healthier lives in the community and the people from BHID/CTT who support them.  All names are changed to protect each person’s privacy.






Phillip Smith is a complex guy. Philip has Dual Diagnosis: He has an Intellectual Disability and a Mental Health Challenge. Phillip was also diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder several years ago. Phillip was referred to the BHID-CTT in May 2015 and they have been able to eliminate his frequent emergency department visits and hospitalizations.  

Phillip's Story

Frank is 26 years old and had been known to the Behavioral/Mental Health system for years.  Frank was the second person to be referred to the BHID team in February of 2014.  

Frank's Story
Shawns story

Shawn is 23 years old, and had for years lived with his mom until the Behavior Health Intellectual Disabilities (BHID) team assisted him in moving to a new community home in Philadelphia.

Shawn's Story
Darlene 150x134

Darlene is a 26 year old woman who was referred to the BHID/CTT team in March of 2014. She had been living with family, moving from house to house with family members and always having difficulty at each home.

Darlene's Story

Roseann is a twenty-two year old young woman who joined the BHID Team in August of 2014. She was living in a community home with 2:1 staffing due to her difficult behavior. Roseann however, made it clear that she did not want 2:1 staffing and wanted to live her own life.

Roseann's Story