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Do you know an individual who has dual diagnosis who is struggling in his/her current home, who has been hospitalized or used crisis services several times over the last year? Community Behavioral Health (CBH), Philadelphia’s Behavioral Health Managed Care Organization, has just recently opened a new program known as the Behavioral Health/Intellectual Disabilities Community Treatment Team (BHID CTT). This team is designed to support people who have dual diagnosis and to help them remain in their Current living arrangement.

The team provides intensive case management support, will work with the individual and their team to develop more supportive strategies, and will work with the individual to help them conceptualize their mental health status and recovery. The goal is to keep people out of inpatient and crisis settings, and to decrease the likelihood of the loss of their home environment. This program does not provide alternative housing but seeks to assist people in discovering their resilience and the power of recovery while maintaining their current intellectual disability supports.

This model has been proven successful with people who have mental health challenges without intellectual disabilities. And a similar model has been successful helping dually diagnosed people in other parts of Pennsylvania.

This new venture funded by CBH is the result of several years of collaboration between Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services, CBH and the SE Regional Offices of Developmental Programs and Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Because the program is funded by CBH it is only open to people who live in Philadelphia and have Medical Assistance.

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