Behavioral Health Promotion Activity Plans (BHPAP)

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The purpose of the BHPAPs is to assist individuals who are dually diagnosed with a mental illness and ID/A as well as those involved in his or her care with treatment planning.  It is important to note that psychiatric diagnoses should only be made by qualified medical and/or mental health professionals. 

The BHPAPs will assist with understanding what common mental illnesses are by providing clear definitions, as well as a list of possible behaviorally observable symptoms that may be present for each diagnostic category or disorder.  The BHPAPs also provide information about support strategies and provides examples of psychotropic medications that are commonly prescribed.   The goal of the BHPAP is to assist with identifying and tracking the symptoms of a given psychiatric disorder.  In addition, the BHPAP will assist with identifying possible evidence-based strategies to support the individual.  Each BHPAP has a template that can be used to describe behavioral observations, support strategies, prescribed psychotropic medications, frequency of support, desired outcome(s) specific to the individual. The BHPAP also provides a space to list all the individuals responsible for following the plan.   


DISCLAIMER: Information and education provided by PCHC is intended as general information only and is not all inclusive or intended to replace physical, dental or behavioral health advice. If you believe that you, or someone you support, have physical, dental or behavioral health issues, please seek professional advice.