Please follow the instructions below to print any documents on our website in grey scale rather than color:

For Windows:

  • Go to the Start Menu/ select Control Panel/ select Devices and Printers under Hardware and Sounds.

  • Right click on the printer you are connected to and select Printer Properties.

  • Select the Advanced tab and click on the Printing Defaults button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click on the Color tab and check the box that says “Print Grayscale” and save the settings and close the box.

For Apple:

  • When you are ready to print in Greyscale, hit Command + P, or File-Print to bring up the print menu.

  • Next hit the drop-down for Copies and Pages and select Printer Features.

  • Feature Sets needs to be changed from Quality to Color.

  • Finally; Black & White options should be changed from Printer Setting to On.

  • Once the Color option is set to Black & White, Press Print.