PCHC staff represents the SE HCQU at Everyday Lives 


Everyday LivesThe 2020 Everyday Lives Conference hosted by the Office of Developmental Programs was held in Hershey, PA January 7th-9th. The conference featured themes aligned with the 12 Everyday Lives recommendations developed by the Information Sharing and Advisory Committee (ISAC).

Sharon Lewis, the Keynote Speaker, opened up the conference discussing the generation that grew up with the Americans with Disabilities Act. These individuals expect to gain great lives and real community membership. Her presentation and discussion focused on how various systems are creating opportunities for individuals to live “everyday lives” like their neighbors. This was a beautiful way to start off the three days of festivities.

conf 1Throughout the three-day conference, various breakout sessions took place to help participants expand their minds and perspectives on numerous topics.

Dan Dubovsky examined fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) in individuals with intellectual disabilities. The majorities of individuals with an FASD diagnosis is not accurately diagnosed or are misdiagnosed throughout their lifetime. Through this session, Mr. Dubovsky showed the importance of recognizing the disorder and identifying strengths to develop a plan of support for those people and their families.

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Dave Hingsburger shared his 30 year’s experiences of sexuality and disability with the engaged crowd discussing the topic of “What Teenagers with Intellectual Disabilities Want and Need to Know About Sex.”  Wendy Hamilton captivated audiences with her life story of discussing what it was like growing up with a mother who was diagnosed with autism as an adult. Her story of “Moppy” gave evidence of the need to support individuals with autism throughout their lifespan. Sara Wolff, Day 3’s Keynote Speaker, discussed “Promoting a Culture of Awareness and Acceptance.” Sara shared her experience as a small-town girl who happened to have Down syndrome. Wolff wanted to share her journey with the general public to show that people with disabilities are not much different than everyone else.

Over 1,000 people attended this year’s Everyday Lives Conference in the Sweetest Place on earth. Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care staff was among the lucky participants. We had a great time attending, learning, and growing with in this great community.

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