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Our Behavioral Health Team, Registered Nurses and Community Outreach Specialists work with provider agencies and supports coordination units to increase access to and navigate the ID/A community health system. This includes:

  • In-Person Educational Trainings on many health care topics for health care professionals, individuals, families and county administrative entities
  • In-Person Trainings on topics that are part of the Dual Diagnosis Curriculum. Please see our Training Curriculum for a list of available Dual Diagnosis trainings.
  • Online Trainings for Provider Staff and Individuals & Families
  • Technical Assistance to teams supporting medically complex individuals
  • Referral Assistance to community health organizations, health insurance Special Needs Units (SNUs) and other local healthcare resources
  • Navigating insurance, durable medical equipment, assistive technology issues or concerns
  • Health Reviews to determine medical service and support needs provided by our specialized nurses in ID/A. Please see our Agency Nursing List for a list of nurse assignments. Please see our review types for a description of reviews.
  • Integrated Health Clinical Reviews that incorporate physical, environmental/behavorial and psychiatric record reviews and interviews with the individual and their team by our Psychiatrist, Integrated Health Care System Navigator (IHSN), Dual Diagnosis Specialist and Community Based Nurses.
  • Health related publications for Behavioral Health, Physical Health and Individuals & Families
  • Increase outreach and awareness to community health organizations