National Preparedness Month

preparedness imgSeptember is National Preparedness Month.  Thanks to 2020, this year has taught all of us the value of preparedness in our personal and professional lives. September is a great opportunity for us to take stock in what we have and ways to move forward effectively. This is also a time for your local health department and Medical Reserve Corps to show the community the importance of having a community disaster plan set in place. The 2020 theme chosen was “Disasters Don’t Wait. Make Your Plan Today.” compiled a variety of resources that health departments around the country can spread throughout their areas to promote year-long safety and community vigilance on emergency preparedness. Local departments are encouraged to take advantage of Preparedness Month to help engage families, businesses, and other regional partners in the community to partake in readiness activities. This year, every week focuses on different points:

  • September 1-5: Make a Plan
    • You can prepare to shelter in place or evacuate but you need to practice your plan and know your support networks
  • September 6-12: Build a Kit
    • List items that should be in the kit and ask the health department for information cards
  • September 13-19: Prepare for Disasters
    • Have your emergency numbers together and sign up for AlertPA: a notification system by CodeRED that sends out emergency texts and email alerts to your mobile devices.
  • September 20-26: Teach Youth About Preparedness

It is extremely important to have an emergency preparedness plan together before a crisis takes place, especially during a pandemic like we are living through right now. If you stay ready, you never have to get ready. Please visit the resources available below to help support you in your efforts to make your communities emergency ready:,%2C%20businesses%2C%20schools%20and%20communities.