Mental Wellness

head on desk

Mental Wellness Month takes place each January to raise awareness on the importance of self-care. Many times we will dismiss the signals our body sends telling us to slow down or take a moment for ourselves. As our daily schedules become busier and various life events occur, it can be hard to balance it all and find time for ourselves.

Not to fear, we have tips to improve your mental wellness here:

  • Mindfulness Techniques - Take time to daily to clear your mind with no outside distractions. About 10 minutes a day is all you need and you can even use apps like Mindspace to help you get started.
  • Self-Compassion - Stop being so hard on yourself and celebrate the good things that you do. Treat yourself to an activity or item that you like.
  • Physical Wellness - 10-30 minutes of activity a day can improve your mood. So turn your frown upside down and go for a walk or do some yoga indoors.
  • Support Network - Friends, family, coworkers are all a part of your support network. Do not be afraid to lean on them and ask for help when you need it.

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