Lives Touched
Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care (PCHC)
FY 2014

Many topics were addressed in training events conducted by PCHC staff during FY ‘14. They ranged from issues of general health and wellness, such as Personal Preparedness and Oral Hygiene, to clinical topics such as Complications of Diabetes, Seizure Management and Intellectual Disability and Psychiatric Disorders. Participants included individuals with an Intellectual Disability (ID), family members, direct support professionals from provider agencies, supports coordinators, clinical and administrative staff of provider agencies, and county and state government staff.


On-line training was offered on a broad range of issues from Dysphagia and Health Promotion in the Aging Population to Understanding Aggression in Individuals with Dual Diagnosis. Participants of on-line training were most often direct support professionals from provider agencies. On-line training, developed for individuals with ID, has been well received with topics ranging from Emergency Preparedness to Winter Safety.

PCHC staff were routinely called upon to provide technical assistance. Frequently the requests addressed complex health issues and existing diagnoses; other requests focused on general information. Approximately30% of the requests came from provider agencies. Nearly the same number came from Administrative Entities and Supports Coordinators.

Clinical reviews and meetings were the most intensive supports provided by PCHC staff. They included participation in individual team meetings and transition meetings to address health issues, conducting comprehensive community health reviews, and completion  of in-depth behavioral health clinical reviews. The need for these supports were in great demand during FY’14. Efforts focused on the importance of supporting struggling teams while working to achieve better outcomes for individuals.


Lives Touched by PCHC Efforts - 2014

In an effort to gauge how many people have benefited from PCHC supports, we have created an estimation of the lives touched. PCHC is very proud of the scope and reach of our work during this period and hope that it has contributed to better outcomes for the people supported.

FY 2014 ActivitiesActivity DetailsLives Touched
Training Events (327 events) 6,449 Participants 19,347
On-line Training (31 Courses) 12,158 Participants 36,474
Technical Assistance Contacts 6,807 Events 20,421
Clinical Reviews/Meetings 175 Events 525
  • Lives touched by PCHC training (both training events and on-line training) included the participants of the training and assumes that each participant shared something he or she learned with at least two people with an Intellectual Disability (ID).
  • Lives touched by PCHC technical assistance makes the same assumption, i.e., the recipient of the assistance shared something with at least two people with an Intellectual Disability (ID).
  • Finally, for clinical reviews and meetings, lives touched were estimated using a total of three lives being touched for each event (the individual for whom the review/meeting was held and two other people with an Intellectual Disability (ID)). For most of these meetings, multiple team members participated.