Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST)


Telemedicine and Infection Control
This document provides a link to HRST's webinar on infection and also provides a telemedicine resource.

HRST Health Passport
This fillable document was designed as a repositoory for important information in the event of receiving medical, dental, or other care.

FAQ and Overview Document
This resource is intended to assist providers with their understanding of the HRST. Included in this one page document are the names and contact information for the PCHC HRST Gatekeeper and Lead Nurse, as well as HRST technical and clinical support contact information.

Tips for Best Practice Sheet
This resource is intended to assist the person who is completing the Health Risk Screening. Included in this one page document are tips for medication entry, diagnosis entry and considerations for comments in each rating area.

Expanded Scoring Descriptors
The document is intended to assist nurses with the clinical review. This document describes the different scores an individual can have in each of the rating sections so the nurse can make sure that the comment/note contains the correct information showing that the score is appropriate.

Rating Preparation Checklist
This document provides details on the type of information to have when completing the HRST for an individual.

Monthly Data Tracker
This document is designed to allow those who support the person most directly to easily track changes related to the 22 rating items of the HRST.

Data Worksheet
This document allows support staff to collect information that can be used to determine a score in the HRST web-based application by a trained HRST rater.

Common Diagnosis and Medication Entry Errors
This document provides information to help avoid some of the more common diagnoses and medication entry errors.

Process Map for using Service and Training Considerations
This document provides a visual representation of best practices when using the HRST Service and Training Considerations.

Best Practices for Updating the HRST
This document provides best practices for when HRST should be updated, including episodic updates and annual updates.

A Rater’s Guide to Responding to a Clinical Review
This document is intended to assist a rater on the process of responding to a clinical review. It explains the clinical review process and lists the steps to take when responding to a clinical review.

The HRST Considerations: Definitions
This document provides information regarding HRST’s Service and Training Considerations. It provides definitions of terms used in these considerations that can be helpful to a team when responding to Service and Training Considerations.