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Holiday Message

PCHC’s Holiday Message…

“When the choices are between angst and action, nonprofits are charged with being the steady hand and the strong voice that speaks to community needs and advocates change “ (Avner)

During this holiday season and beyond, Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care (PCHC) is committed to focusing on supporting the integrated health care needs of people living with intellectual disabilities and autism in Southeast PA so that everyone can achieve total wellness  in the new year. It continues to be our mission to enhance access to community physical and mental health care through education, public health outreach, advocacy and empowerment as well as to improve health care outcomes for individuals with an Intellectual Disability and Autism.

On behalf of PCHC, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Unit, we wish individuals, families, support teams and the entire developmental program support system a wonderful holiday season and an extraordinary new year!

Holiday MessagePCHC