Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month


DD Awareness MonthEvery March we take the time to celebrate Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. It is a time in which we are able to share stories, educate others, support individuals and break the mold of stereotypes that people have about individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Not all disabilities can be seen, but they can impact one’s life immensely and change the way things get done. With a disAbility, we like to focus on what an individual can do and not what they can’t or may have to do differently.

At Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care (PCHC), we like to empower all of the individuals we work with to advocate and educate others on the importance of inclusion and their ability to be part of the community like everyone else.  We do this by providing online and in person trainings on various topics, as well as iPad trainings to help individuals learn to advocate for themselves. PCHC provides a plethora of resources and publications that highlight specific physical health and behavioral health needs for an individual, their family and/or support team. 

As we continue to celebrate, this year’s hashtag #DDawareness19 will highlight the topics that will be discussed through social media below: 

  • March 1 – 8: Education
  • March 11 – 15: Employment
  • March 18 – 22: Community Living
  • March 25 – 29: General


For more resources and information go to:For more resources and information go to: