Dental Resources at Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care (PCHC)

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For those with intellectual and developmental disabilities receiving dental services can be an arduous task. The reason it can be so difficult is because many dentist are not able to provide the level of care needed for the population due to gaps in coverage. Due to the cognitive, physical or behavioral characteristics individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities possess, sedation can be required for many general procedures resulting in a hefty bill between $500- $2,500(Polaneczky, 2018). The cost of care along with visits for desensitization of the office environment can increase the time required to treat patients and can delay services.

At PCHC, we currently provide two resources for dental services, Level of Care Support for People with Disabilities and the Dental Services Form.  These two resources assist in making it easier for individuals and dentist to provide and receive care. In a recent article written by Ronnie Polaneczky of The Inquirer, PCHC’s Director, Melissa DiSipio highlights the importance of dental care for the population and the resources we provide to help. For further assistance with your dental needs, reach out to the Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care at 215-546-0300.