Outreach Flyers

The following flyers are developed by PCHC's Outreach Department to alert the ID System about changes related to the health-care delivery system and changes to health insurance coordination. They include pertinent time-sensitive technical assistance topics of interest and importance.

Medicare Flyer

Medicare Update Flyer

Notice of upcoming changes to Medicare cards in 2018 - 2019


Bilingual Resouces Flyer

Please read this important announcement regarding the various bilingual resources we provide.


Special Needs Unit (SNU) Meetings Update

Please read this important announcement regarding changes with the Special Needs Unit Meetings.


Letter of Medical Necessity

When planning to write a letter of medical necessity there are key components that are necessary to include in order to provide a proficient argument for the requested denied services.




Medical Assistance Flyers

The following flyers bring to light important benefit changes for individuals with Medical Assistance in “fee for service”. Getting the details of medical insurance is oftentimes challenging; therefore, these flyers were created in an effort to minimize confusion and increase your level of understanding.



Identification for Protection

Many health care professionals are now requesting photo identification (I.D’s) from patients prior to administering any services. This flyer draws attention to laws and regulations surrounding photo identification requirements. Information on how to obtain photo identification is also included.



Heat Safety Risk Alert Flyer

Extreme temperatures in the summer can pose severe health risk to those unprotected. This flyer discusses the potential dangers of heat in cars. In addition it provides tips on how to protect yourself and others in extreme climates.