Communication Alerts

Breaking News PuzzleThis page contains links which provide you with information communicated to PCHC for distribution in the areas of:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Physical Health
  • Public Health

Health Bytes ImageHealth Bytes     

PCHC’s Health Bytes are short tips about health and wellness. They are be sent on the first day of each month by e-mail. We hope that you can use this information to encourage or maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself or someone you support!

  • January - Dementia-Related Tools
  • December - Physical Activity Guidelines
  • November - Finding Reliable Online Health Information
  • October - Epilepsy Genetics Initiative (EGI)
  • September - Constipation
  • August - Prevent foodborne illness
  • July - Prevent dehydration in the Summer
  • June - Healthy lifestyle habits increase life expectancy
  • May - Lyme disease awareness
  • April - Prevent April's seasonal allergies
  • March - March is National Kidney Month!
  • February - Make a heart healthy meal for Valentine's Day
  • January - Changing habits for better health

Health Bulletins

Check back soon for 2018 Health Bulletins!

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