Why Intern at PCHC?

Students hanging out together

PCHC is dedicated to giving students the opportunity to experience firsthand what it is like to work in the Intellectual Disabiltity and/or Autism (ID/A) field. We are eager to work with students who are interested in gaining experience in a field unknown to most.

PCHC interns will have the opportunity to:

  • Work with health service delivery systems
  • Collaborate on local, regional and state level initiatives
  • Develop training and presentation skills on various health related topics
  • Promote access and create competency within the ID system and local medical community

For more information about our student internship program and to learn more about PCHC, see our PCHC Internship Brochure.

Interested in Applying?

If you are interested in applying for our student internship, click the button below to e-mail your resume and a cover letter stating your interest to our Education Manager.

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As an occupational therapy intern at PCHC, their team went above and beyond in helping me understand the system and determining potential areas of need. Through this experience, we not only learned about the passions within healthcare and the ID/A community that each staff member promoted, but also where we as interns might best support services. I will never forget the smiling faces of the ID/A community members who participated in the group sessions and how much they remembered the lessons we taught. I thank the PCHC staff for making the past 9 months an engaging and valuable learning experience.
– Mary, Jefferson University ‘19

I had the great pleasure of working with Philadelphia Coordinated Healthcare (PCHC) as an Occupational Therapy intern. We were welcomed with open arms, and provided incredible support as we eased into the world of Intellectual Disabilities. We were able to attend many trainings facilitated by PCHC nurses, which helped shift our perspective from our occupational therapy education into what it means to be providing services in the real world. Most enjoyable of all, we had the opportunity to collaborate with nursing to facilitate monthly OT groups at a day program for adults with ID/A. All throughout the experience I was able to seek advice, feedback, and professional connections from staff regarding my scholarly research on ID/A and sexuality.
– Cerissa, Jefferson University ‘19

Interning at PCHC confirmed for me that serving individuals with ID/A in the future can be a stimulating and rewarding career. I feel better prepared and am excited to begin my career serving people with ID/A. PCHC has endless connections with other agencies that serve individuals with ID/A. I was constantly exposed to other agencies, whether it was through an actual visit, conversations, or through the PCHC website. I cannot overstate the value of this exposure in helping me feel secure in my ability to successfully choose the best next step in pursuing my interests after my undergraduate education.
- Catherine, Bryn Mawr College '14