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Welcome to PCHC's online training Understanding Aggression in Individuals With Dual-Diagnosis.


Information and education provided by PCHC is intended as general information only and is not all inclusive or intended to replace physical, dental or behavioral health advice. If you believe that you, or someone you support, have physical, dental or behavioral health issues, please seek professional advice.

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All information for this training is located on the left side navigation bar. Click on the:

Certificate of Completion

Once you have completed the training, you may print a Certificate of Completion. Please take a moment to complete our Training Evaluation Form and then enter your personal information to be printed on your certificate. Click the button to generate your training certificate in PDF format.

After you have printed your Certificate of Completion, you may return to the Main Menu and select another training. If you do not want to take another training, simply close your browser window to exit this system.
Understanding Aggression in Individuals With Dual-Diagnosis