• Accessing Behavioral Health

    Accessing Behavioral Health

    Many people experience mental health challenges and/or substance use issues in Pennsylvania. This includes people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Click here to learn how treatment and support is available in SE PA.
  • New! Team Review Form

    New! Team Review Form

    This revised form is used to review psychotropic medications. Use of this form can enhance communication between residential staff, behavior specialists, psychiatrists and all team members. Click here to download the form and learn more!  

  • What We Do

    What We Do

    PCHC strives to enhance access to community health care through education, support, advocacy and empowerment as well as to improve health care outcomes for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) . Read More
  • Education


    PCHC offers free in-person trainings at agencies, counties and regional sites along with online trainings.We train on a variety of health topics in physical health, behavioral health and public health. Click here to view current scheduled trainings or to request one.
  • Support


    PCHC offers health care technical services such as Nursing Reviews to assist direct support staff/families with complicated physical health issues and Clinical Reviews to clarify behavioral health issues. Read More
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Includes a variety of Behavioral Health and Physical Health topics. Some topics are specifically designed for Individuals & Families.



Health Promotion Activity Plans

The Health Promotion Activity Plan (HPAP) is an easy way to plan supports for someone with a particular health care diagnosis. Each plan can be personalized to an individual’s needs.


New Director at PCHC

Melissa D (2)
Melissa DiSipio is the new Director of Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care (PCHC) effective May 31, 2017. Melissa has worked at PCHC for 18 years and has been the Assistant Director since 2004. She has and will continue to be an active participant in many local, state and national organizations. Melissa during her time with PCHC has helped develop the dementia screening tool for people with intellectual disability with the National Task Group on Dementia and Intellectual Disability. She also is a Fellow and Board Member of AAIDD and an instructor for the National Leadership Institute at the University of Delaware. PCHC, Pennsylvania’s Southeast Regional Health Care Quality Unit, has been a leader in providing health support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for over 25 years and serves Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties and will continue do great things.

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