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Current Health Care Alerts

PCHC's Health Care Alerts are a quarterly publication providing health care tips for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their support teams.

Current Active News

PCHC's Active News publications are for individuals and families with intellectual and/or developmental disabililities (I/DD).

Archived Health Care Alerts

The following table contains PDF links to PCHC's archived Health Care Alerts.

Date Topic Index
Winter 2014 • Safety Reminders
• Elimination of Unnecessary 1:1 Staffing
• Orthopaedic & Spine Institute
• Shop for Your Health
• Education Department Announcements
Fall 2013 • National Preparedness Month
• Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
• NEW: PCHC e-blast
• Fall Allergies
• Influenza Prevention
• Regional Trainings
Summer 2013 • Minute Clinics/Urgent Care Centers
• Dental Levels of Care
• Psychotropic Medications
• Training: Mental Health Series
• Keystone Name Change
• Announcements
Spring 2013 • Risk Management Corner: Dangers of Prone Restraint
• National Public Health Week
• EPIC Health Services
• Celiac Disease FAQs
• Falls and Chocking: New Risk Management Tools
• Announcements
Winter 2013 • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
• Gateway Article
• Holiday Article
• Website Statistics
• Education Article
• Announcements
Fall 2012 • Training Announcement
• Dual Diagnosis Curriculum
• Drexel Geriatric Services Program
• Resolve to be Ready
• Healthy Living Prostate Cancer Awareness
• Flu Prevention
Summer 2012 • Preparing for the Outdoors
• Sharing Positive Outcomes
• Dental: Levels of Care
• Aging and Medication Usage
• PCHC Online Training for Staff, Individuals and Families
Spring 2012 • Public Health is YOUR Health!
• Active Living & Healthy Eating
• Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drugs
• Communicable Disease Prevention
• Reproductive & Sexual Health
• Mental & Emotional Well Being
Winter 2012 • Dementia Screening Tool (DST) Update
• Community Connections
• Diabetes Education
• Dysphagia Training
Fall 2011 • Why Care About Men’s Health?
• A Time to Remember. A Time to Prepare.
• Body Mechanics = Back Safety
Summer 2011 • Beat the Heat
• Cultural Competency and I/DD
• Hospital Rapid Response Teams
• Updated Dysphagia Resource Directory
Spring 2011 • Practice Caution When Taking NSAIDS
• Team Review Form
• The Importance of Friendship
• Eating Well as We Age
• American Cancer Society
Winter 2011 • Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
• Community Connections
• Bridging the Gap Project
• Eating Well as We Age
• Announcements
Fall 2010 • Unused Medication
• Community Connections
• Announcements
Summer 2010 • Picture Taking
• Sharing Information
• Community Connections
• Allergies and Sensitivities
• Vacation
• Aging Skin
• PADDNN Honors
• Summer & Heat Safety
Spring 2010 • Peer Supports
• Community Connections
• Healthy Eating Tips
• Tube Feeding Resource Packet
• Hospitalization and Medication Reconciliation
• Autism Updates
• Hearing Loss
Winter 2010 • Cold Weather Health Emergencies
• Risk Management Corner
• Community Connections
• Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Facts
• Nursing Announcements
Fall 2009 • Tips on Safe, Fall Eating – Whenever You Go
• LaSalle University’s Center for Psychological Services &
  Step Up Program
• Do You Support Someone with Diabetes?
• Oral Healthcare Education for Patients and Caretakers
• Influenza (FLU) and the H1N1 Virus
• Autism Updates
• Aging and Your Eyes
• Bed Bugs (Presentations are currently scheduled)
Summer 2009 • Heat Safety 101
• Americhoice: Care Level Management Program
• Developmental Disabilities Nursing Guidebook
• Welcome New PCHC Nurses
• Regional Nurse Network/Health Care Coordinators Meeting
• Insurance Technical Assistance is Available via the Web
• Stay Healthy Fair Save the Date Flyer
Spring 2009 • Guidelines for Using 911 for Residential Agencies
• Community Connections
• Personal Preparedness
• Adapted Smoke Alarms
• Special Touch Dentistry
Winter 2009 • Upper Respiratory Infections (URIs)
• Nurses Network/Health Care Coordinators Meetings Schedule
• CVS Cares
• Philadelphia Police Department Update
• Screening for Colorectal Cancer
• Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Nurses Network (PADDNN) is Honored by Developmental Disabilities Nursing (DDN) and the Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association (DDNA)

Archived Active News

The following table contains PDF links to PCHC's archived Active News.

Date Topic Index
Winter 2014 • Cold and Flu Season is Here!
• What Is Influenza (Flu)
• Some Ways To Protect Yourself Against The Flu
• Stay Healthy
Fall 2013 • You have the Right to Communicate
• Sign Language is One Way to Communicate
• You don't have to Speak to Communicate
Summer 2013 • How To Grow Your Own Vegetables
• How to Grow Vegetables in Planters
• Fun Vegetables To Grow
Spring 2013 • The Importance of an Annual Physical Exam
• What is an Annual Physical Exam?
• Why is an Annual Physical Exam Important?
Winter 2013 • Post Holiday Blues
• Reasons Why You May Feel Blue
• Ways To Help You Cope With The Blues
• When To Be Concerned
Fall 2012 • Why You Need a Photo ID to Vote
• How to Obtain a Photo ID
Summer 2012 • Stay Safe and Healthy in the Summer
• Stay Cool This Summer
• How To Dress In Summer
Spring 2012 • Spring is Here...Time to Get Out and Exercise!
• Playing Sports is a Great Way to Exercise
• Eating Fruits and Vegetables is Another Way to Stay Healthy
• Nancy's Story
• It's Also Good to Exercise Our Minds
Winter 2012 • Women's Health and Wellness
• Staying Healthy Inside and Out
• Make a Plan to be Healthy
• Remember to Stay Healthy
Fall 2011 • Men's Health and Wellness
• Staying Healthy Inside and Out
• Make a Plan to be Healthy
• Remember to Stay Healthy
Summer 2011 • Ways to have a safe summer
• Hints on how to stay cool this summer
• How to dress in the summer
• How do you know when you are too hot?
Spring 2011 • Friendships
• Christy's Corner
Winter 2011 • Beg Bugs
• Christy's Corner
Fall 2010 • Tips for staying healthy in this cold and flu season
• September was national Preparedness Month
• Christy's Corner
Summer 2010 • Tips for a Safe and Healthy Summer
• Vacation Time and Summer Fun
• Christy's Corner
Spring 2010 • PA Photo Identification
• How to Get A PA Photo ID
• Howard's Journey
Winter 2010 • Tips for staying healthy during cold & flu season
• National Prepardness Month
• Christy's Corner
Fall 2009 • Cold and Flu Season is Here
• Signs and Symptoms
Summer 2009 • Tips for Staying Cool and Healthy in the Summer
Spring 2009 • Dysphagia
Winter 2009 • Winter Safety
• Outside Safety
• Inside Safety

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Disclaimer: Information and education provided by PCHC is intended as general information only and is not all inclusive or intended to replace physical, dental or behavioral health advice. If you believe that you, or someone you support, have physical, dental or behavioral health issues, please seek professional advice.